Friday, June 18, 2010

Racing Against the Clock

I’d write about the District Championships TT, but it went about as well as I predicted in my last post. Well, if felt like I predicted it would. Actually, if you’re into predictions check this one out. But hats off to Jesse Moore who rode like a man possessed and smashed the previous course record. That’s right, Jesse rode a 48:50.8 and averaged a blistering 30.4 MPH over the 40K course. Like I always say, if you want to appreciate this go try to ride 30MPH for one minute and then imagine doing that for almost an hour. Ha! Jesse took a little trip to the wind tunnel and now looks like bullet with a goatee when he’s on the TT bike. Phil Mooney was hot on his heels though, just 15 seconds off the pace, and now that he’s tweaked his position a bit Jesse better watch his back at Nationals. I’d bet dollars to donuts that one of these guys will be wearing stars and stripes in every TT from July onwards. I noodled in 2:24 back for 4th. I wonder if holding my hands in a different position could save me like 3 minutes. Yeaahhh…

I’ve had some good rides and good rest this week and now I’m up here living large in the Biggest Little City in the World. This Thursday thru Saturday is the Tour de Nez and I’m up here with Filip, Phil, and Tyler to have a stab at snagging some glory and a slice of the $15,000 in prize money. Yesterday was the 3-ring circus they called a prologue. The course was only 1.5 miles long, but it had 12 turns plus a slip ‘n’ slide concrete chicane. We tried to pre-ride the course, but not even the 400 course marshals could keep the herds of local flavor off the roads. Nothing comes between a Nevadan and their casino. (Photo by Ronnie)

I stopped off to chat with some Metromint folk who were posted up at a particularly nasty left-hander. We saw three or four guys take it right to the edge and then Ian Boswell (Bissell) came barreling into this corner full speed, went up the sidewalk, hopped the curb and then did a top-ropes bodyslam onto the median. I was pretty sure they were going to need to airlift him outta there, but he hopped right up and finished the race, tough kid that he is. Seeing that, well, horrific crash gave me a case of the willies. I was all fired up to smash another prologue, but I didn’t have the balls to rail the corners like I could have and came up a bit short. I was 2 seconds off the pace and ended up 5th place. Mooney was likewise overcoming some prologue jitters, but still had a good run for 9th. This is Filip’s first race after a little break, but he came out guns blazing and ran a solid 21st (?). After watching guy after guy bite the dust Tyler made the smart play and kept all his skin for the coming races. Big ups to Rickets McNasty for laying it all out there and rolling a strong 6th. Full Results. Also, TdN has facebook. How hip!

Next up are a 60 minute crit and a 90 minute circuit race. Both the courses look like technical sufferfests, and I’m jacked for some good racing.

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